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A complete system of care for the skin, body, and soul. Working from the inside out and from the outside in to improve the human condition and treat the whole body. [ comfort zone ] seeks to promote an holistic, healthy and sustainable lifestyle, based in science and strengthened by passion.

Rebalancing & Purifying Facials

An holistic skincare experience; allow our expert therapists to recommend one of our purifying & rebalancing facials.

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£80 (55min)

A deeply hydrating treatment to improve moisture levels in the skin. Hibiscus and honey work to retain moisture in the skin. Whilst the special ingredient Trehalose taken from a desert plant works to increase the moisture and leave the skin feeling silky smooth.

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Skin Resonance

£80 (55min)

Equalising and strengthening treatment for sensitive and delicate skin

Decongesting, rebalancing and protective treatment for reactive skin subject to redness, couperose and fragile capillaries. This treatment not only cools and calms but reduces any irritation within the skin.

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Active Pureness Rebalancing

£80 (55min)

Purifying and rebalancing treatment.

Deep cleansing treatment to render the skin fresh and compact. Thanks to the possibility of choosing two types of masks, it is a treatment ideal for both oily and depleted impure skins as well as those more delicate.

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Sacred Nature Facial

£80 (55min)

Anti-aging treatment which is nourishing and protective with products which have been formulated according to ecocert® guidelines, offering a natural treatment indicated for all skins, including even the most sensitive. Detoxifies, nourishes and protects the skin.

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Skin Regimen

£60 (30min)

Showing visible results in half the time of a traditional facial, this 30-minute treatment renews, restores tone and repositions the skin tissues for a youthful, healthier appearance. The efficacy of the ingredients is maximized by the Kabat technique, a neuromuscular rehabilitation method reinforcing skin tissue and muscle elasticity.

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Extraction Add-On

£30 (30min)

Only suitable for rebalancing and purifying facials

Rejuvenating & Nourishing Facials

Focusing on firming, skin pigmentation, exfoliation and anti-ageing.

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Chrono Reverser Collagen

£100 (70min)

Using an exclusive synergy of new-generation active ingredients and superior collagen this extraordinary treatment resurfaces, revitalises and deeply hydrates the skin, plumping out fine lines and leaving your skin supple and moisturised with a radiant glow.

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Absolute Pearl

£90 (55min)

Renews dull skin and improves pigmentation. This treatment gives the skin a velvety feel, actively working on hyper -pigmentation & giving an even and luminous skin tone.


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