We offer the very best in hygiene and precision waxing (no double dipping). Using Perron Rigot, the creme de la creme of all waxes, combined with a unique technique of waxing our therapists make sure every visit is almost pain free.

Strip Wax (Perron Rigot)Hot Wax (Perron Rigot)
Eyebrow£23 (15min)
Lip / Chin / Cheeks£20 (15min)
Bikini£33 (15min)
G-String£44 (30min)
Brazilian£55 (30min)
Hollywood£55 (30min)
Underarms£25 (15min)
Full Leg£50 (45min)£90 (60min)
Half Leg Lower£34 (30min)£50 (45min)
Half Leg Upper£40 (30min)£55 (45min)
3/4 Leg£47 (30min)£70 (60min)
Arms£34 (30min)£44 (45min)
Half Arms£25 (15min)£35 (30min)
Buttocks£30 (15min)£40 (30min)
Stomach£30 (15min)£40 (30min)
Extra Area£15 (15min)£20 (15min)

Our waxers ask that you ensure hair is at least 1/2 cm long for best results. Waxing is not suitable for Retin-A or Roaaccutane users, sunburned or recently laser-peeled skin.